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The Caris Registry

The Caris Life Sciences® Molecular Intelligence Service Registry (registry) is a multi-center, observational outcomes database designed to collect data on the demographics, presentation, diagnosis, treatment, resource use, and outcomes of eligible patients who previously have undergone Caris Molecular Intelligence testing for treatment of solid tumor cancer. Participation guidelines have been separately determined by the registry team, pursuant to a Protocol which has been approved by an independent Institutional Review Board (IRB).

The registry is a mechanism by which eligible patients can choose to participate through their physicians in cancer research. By contributing patients' data, physicians and patients gain the knowledge that future patients with similar disease profiles may benefit from the experiences of the patients that contributed information before them.


Participation in the registry is voluntary. All patients seen within a participating physician practice are potential candidates for this registry given they further meet the eligibility criteria requirements as follows:

  • Age greater than or equal to 18 years
  • Tumor or tissue specimen analyzed by Caris

To speak with a representative regarding the registry, contact 1.888.979.8669 or learn more about the benefits of participating in the Registry.

Molecular Intelligence Service, from Caris Life Sciences®, provides evidence-based tumor information that associates biomarker status to agents with potential clinical benefit or potential lack of clinical benefit. Agents associated with clinical benefit are presented based on NCCN Compendium inclusion, relevance of tumor type, level of published evidence and strength of biomarker expression. Report information must be considered in conjunction with all other relevant information in respect of a given patient before determining the appropriate course of treatment. The selection of agents for re-treatment from prior chemotherapy regimens lies with the treating physician and must be done with careful consideration. Caris Molecular Intelligence Service was developed and its performance characteristics were determined by Caris Life Sciences, a medical laboratory CLIA-certified in compliance with the U.S. Clinical Laboratory Amendment Act of 1988 and all relevant U.S. state regulations. Caris Molecular Intelligence Service has not been approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration.