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Caris Supports My Cancer

Cancer treatment and diagnosis is changing so quickly, it’s difficult for patients to keep up — even with the help of their oncologists.

That’s why Caris Life Sciences® supports MyCancer.com, a new site designed to help patients understand the complicated world of molecular profiling and cancer biomarkers and how they are affecting cancer care.

Whether patients explore the site on their own or with an oncologist, MyCancer.com gives patients and their families new insight into changing ideas about what cancer is, how it grows and why standard treatments don’t always work the same for everybody.

Visit MyCancer.com for patient-appropriate information about:

Caris is committed to supporting oncologists and their patients through educational initiatives such as MyCancer.com.

Learn more about molecular profiling and clinically actionable individualized treatment strategies from Caris Molecular Intelligence.



Caris supports MyCancer.com, a new site for cancer patients about molecular profiling, cancer biomarkers and personalized treatment.

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