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Transforming Healthcare

At Caris, we’re fulfilling the promise of personalized medicine.

Some day, in the not too distant future, a cancer patient’s experience will be very different than it is today. What might that future be like?

  • First, the patient’s primary care physician will request a routine blood test to detect any signs of cancer in the body, even before a tumor could be detected with imaging.
  • If cancer is detected, the patient will visit an oncologist who will request that molecular profiling be used to identify the unique characteristics of the patient’s cancer.
  • Then the oncologist will use the detailed genomic and molecular profile of the patient’s cancer to recommend therapies and even clinical trials that are most likely to be effective for this individual patient.1

Caris Life Sciences shares this vision of the future with leading cancer researchers and oncologists. Our innovative products and services are designed around unmet medical needs that will make this type of patient experience a reality.

Caris Target Now

Caris Target Now, our evidence-based molecular profiling platform, provides clinically actionable, individualized cancer treatment information to help physicians develop cancer treatment strategies for their patients with therapeutic ambiguities.


Carisome, our proprietary blood-based diagnostics platform, currently in development, will first be launched to aid in the diagnosis of prostate cancer. We anticipate many future uses as a diagnostic test for other cancers, and also see potential prognostic and theranostic clinical utility of this novel technology.

Caris Life Sciences was founded because of an idea — that more precise and personalized healthcare can improve patients’ lives and ultimately improve healthcare for everyone. We began by offering expert pathology services, but soon expanded into innovative new technologies and services that have the power to change medicine. In 2011, we sold our anatomic pathology business to Miraca Holdings. The sale has allowed us to focus more closely than ever on fulfilling the vision on which our company was founded.

This vision of health improvement, that we share with so many healthcare professionals and their patients, drives everything we do to fulfill unmet medical needs and shape a better future for patients everywhere.

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1. Drawn from the American Society of Clinical Oncology’s publication: Blueprint for Transforming Clinical and Transformational Cancer Research


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