Caris Life Sciences’ scientific experts and external collaborators are contributing to major advances in the understanding of blood-based circulating microvesicles (cMV) and their potential utility to aid in the diagnosis, prognosis, and theranosis of cancer and other complex diseases. Posters and abstracts highlighting the promise of ADAPT Biotargeting System™ are listed below.

  • ADAPT Aptamer-based profiling of liquid biopsies to improve the accuracy of breast cancer diagnoses in women with dense breast tissue

    Biomarker comparison between androgen receptor positive-triple-negative breast cancer (AR + TNBC) and quadruple-negative breast cancer (QNBC)

    Distinct biomarker features in triple-negative breast cancer metastases to the brain, liver, and bone

    Molecular profiling comparison of BRCA1/2-mutated and BRCA1/2 non-mutated triple-negative breast cancer (TNBC)

    Comprehensive profiling of metaplastic breast carcinoma reveals frequent over-expression of PD-L1

    Multiplatform molecular profiling identifies potentially targetable biomarkers in malignant phyllodes tumors of the breast

    ABC Transporter Expression: Clues into Chemoresistance of Triple Negative Breast Cancers

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  • Circulating Microvesicles Contain Critical Elements of the RISC Complex

    Effect of Colonoscopy on Circulating Microvesicles

    Identification and Implications of Transcription Factors in Circulating Microvesicles From Cancer Patients

    Multicolor Flow Cytometric Analysis of Cancer-Derived Microvesicles Reveals a Unique Subpopulation Ratio in Plasma From Prostate Cancer Patients

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  • GW182 Associates With Circulating Microvesicles in Human Plasma

    Differential Protein Expression and miR Content of Sorted Subsets of Circulating Microvesicles From Cancer Patients and Health Controls

    A Novel Blood-Based Method of Evaluating KRAS in Circulating Microvesicles From Colorectal Patients

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  • Analysis of a Circulating Microvesicle-Based Assay in At-Risk Patients for the Detection of Prostate Cancer

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  • Distribution of hormone receptors (Estrogen Receptor, Progesterone Receptor and Androgen Receptor) in epithelial malignancies

    Correlation of HER2 expression by IHC, DNA microarray, and FISH in breast cancer

    Plasma-Derived Circulating Microvesicles Can Both Detect and Help Monitor Breast Cancer–Related Pathologies

    Enriching for Rare Subpopulations of Circulating Microvesicles by the Depletion of Endothelial- and Leukocyte-Derived Microvesicles

    Comparison of miR Expression Patterns in Plasma, Serum, and Cell Line Microvesicles

    Subpopulations of Circulating Microvesicles Have Different MicroRNA Profiles

    Detection of Lung Cancer From Plasma Using the Biosignature of Circulating Microvesicles

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