With every passing day, new discoveries are made that lend support to the increasing and important role biomarker analysis and tumor profiling play in personalized cancer care. Caris Life Sciences® is actively participating in research to advance the understanding of molecular science, further enabling the delivery of precision medicine.

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  • Utilizing MP to identify Potential Therapies in Sarcomatoid Lung Cancer

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  • Caris Tumor profiling of 1168 geriatric breast tumors

    Caveolin-1: Oncogenic Role in Breast Cancer Clues from Molecular Profiling

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  • Molecular Profiling guided treatment in refractory solid tumors: practical impact and clinical responses: Experience of a single center.

    Practical experience and outcomes of implementation of multiplatform molecular profiling in routine clinical practice for patients with rare or refractory cancer at Parisian hospitals

    Multi-platform molecular profiling of 1,180 patients increases median overall survival and influences treatment decision in 53% of cases

    BRAF mutations are potentially targetable alterations in a wide variety of solid cancers

    BRCA1 and BRCA2 mutations in 1691 epithelial ovarian tumors identify subgroups with distinct molecular characteristics

    Using ALK IHC to identify potential responders to ALK inhibitors outside of NSCLC

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  • Molecular profiling identifies genetic heterogeneity in synchronous and asynchronous breast cancers

    Variations in measured ER, PR, and HER2 status in synchronous and asynchronous paired breast cancer (BC) tumors

    Ovarian carcinosarcoma shares a similar molecular profile as ovarian serous carcinoma but not endometrial carcinosarcoma

    Molecular profile comparison of endometrial, renal and ovarian clear cell carcinoma Is it the same disease at different sites

    Molecular Profiling of Mucinous Epithelial Ovarian Carcinomas (mEOC)

    Evaluation of biomarker alterations in small cell cervical cancer identifies therapeutic options

    Identification of therapy options for Rare and Resistant Gastrointestinal Stromal Tumors (GIST)

    PI3K/PTEN/Akt/mTOR pathway aberrations and co-incidence of hormone receptors and HER2 in 19,784 diverse solid tumors

    Drug Efflux Pump Expression in 50,000 Molecularly-Profiled Cancer Patients

    HPV-induced cervical, oropharyngeal and anal carcinoma share theranostic biomarkers

    Reduced PD1/PDL1 expression in KRAS-mutant versus wildtype (MSI-H) CRC and association of Wnt pathway corepressor TLE-3

    Therapeutic biomarker differences between MSI-H and MSS colorectal cancers

    Multi-platform molecular profiling of pancreatic adenocarcinomas identifies BRCA1/2 mutations and PD-1/PD-L1 status with therapeutic implications

    Molecular characterization of 350 hepatocellular carcinomas identifies biomarker aberrations with potential novel therapeutic options

    Tumor profiles of brain metastases from NSCLC, breast cancer and melanoma

    Tumor profiling on 1245 gliomas and paired tumor study on 19 high grade gliomas

    Comprehensive multiplatform biomarker analysis of 212 anal squamous cell carcinomas

    Multiplatform biomarker analysis of non-sun-exposed mucosal melanoma

    Triple wild type melanoma profiling in the Caris Molecular Intelligence registry

    Multi-platform molecular analysis of sarcomatoid renal cell carcinoma (sRCC)

    Molecular Characterization of Bladder Cancer in Smokers versus Nonsmokers

    Comparison of metachronous epithelial ovarian carcinoma

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  • Refractory angiosarcoma of the breast with VEGFR2 upregulation successfully treated with Sunitinib: A case report and review of 7 additional cases with molecular profiling

    HER2 expression in non-gastric, non-breast cancers

    Tumor profiling of gastric and esophageal cancers reveals treatment options

    Therapeutic approach guided by genetic alteration: Use of MTOR inhibitor in renal medullary carcinoma with loss of PTEN expression

    Metastatic Extramammary Paget’s Disease of Scrotum Responds Completely to Single Agent Trastuzumab in a Hemodialysis Patient: Case Report, Molecular Profiling and Brief Review of the Literature

    Immunohistochemistry – microarray analysis of patients with peritoneal metastases of appendiceal or colorectal origin

    Predictive Biomarker Profiling of > 6000 Breast Cancer Patients Shows Heterogeneity in TNBC, With Treatment Implications

    Multi-platform profiling of over 2000 sarcomas: identification of biomarkers and novel therapeutic targets

    Molecular Profiling-Selected Therapy for Treatment of Advanced Pancreaticobiliary Cancer: A Retrospective Multicenter Study

    Identification of potential therapeutic targets by molecular profiling of 628 cases of uterine serous carcinoma

    Alteration in PI3K/mTOR, MAPK pathways and Her2 expression/amplification is more frequent in uterine serous carcinoma than ovarian serous carcinoma

    Mutations in the Kinase Domain of the HER2/ERBB2 Gene Identified in a Wide Variety of Human Cancers

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