With every passing day, new discoveries are made that lend support to the increasing and important role biomarker analysis and tumor profiling play in personalized cancer care. Caris Life Sciences® is actively participating in research to advance the understanding of molecular science, further enabling the delivery of precision medicine.

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  • Identifying Potential Therapeutics by Molecular Profiling of 136 Cases of Uterine Clear Cell Carcinoma

    Molecular characterization of 361 cases of uterine carcinosarcomas reveal alterations in the DNA repair and PI3K pathways as potential therapeutic targets

    Identifying therapeutic options in small cell cervical cancer by multiplatform evaluation of biomarker alterations

    PD-1 and PD-L1 expression in 1599 gynecological malignancies – implications for immunotherapy

    Biomarker comparison of epithelial ovarian cancer and endometrial cancer by multiplatform tumor profiling

    Molecular profile of uterine papillary serous carcinoma compared to ovarian serous carcinoma-Is it the same disease at different sites

    Distinct molecular landscape between endometrioid and non-endometrioid uterine carcinoma

    Paving the Road to Personalized Medicine in Cervical Cancer

    Microarray analysis of vascular endothelial growth factor pathway

    SGO 2015 Plenary - Identification of Potential Therapeutic Targets by Molecular and Genomic Profiling of 628 Cases of Uterine Serous Carcinoma

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  • Comprehensive multiplatform biomarker analysis of 313 hepatocellular carcinomas identifies potential novel therapeutic options (PLENARY PRESENTATION)

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  • Multiplatform molecular analysis of biomarkers in renal cell carcinoma

    Identification of actionable targets in chromophobe renal cell

    Biomarker Patterns of Localized and Metastatic Prostate Cancer

    A multiplatform biomarker analysis of small cell bladder cancers

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  • Tumor profiling of biliary tract carcinomas reveals distinct molecular alterations and potential therapeutic targets

    Molecularly-guided therapeutic options beyond TKIs for Gastrointestinal Stromal Tumors (GIST)

    Comprehensive multiplatform biomarker analysis of 313 hepatocellular carcinoma identifies potential novel therapeutic options

    Comprehensive multiplatform biomarker analysis of 199 anal squamous cell carcinomas

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  • Expression of novel immunotherapeutic targets in luminal breast cancer patients

    Multiplatform molecular profiling of male breast cancer (MBC) reveals significant differences in actionable targets from matched female breast carcinomas

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