Valeriy Domenyuk - Caris Life SciencesValeriy Domenyuk, PhD – Research Scientist II joined Caris in 2012, and holds a leadership position in the Research and Development department for the company where he is responsible for advancing scientific discovery and leading a team consisting of Associate Research Scientists, Research Associates, Research Supervisors, and Post Docs.

Why is Valeriy passionate about Caris?

“Compared to my previous position at a University, Caris offers much greater opportunities to pursue multiple ideas simultaneously.”

How Caris is changing healthcare

“Caris currently offers Molecular Intelligence, which is very comprehensive and personalized approach to cancer care. A personalized approach is important to ensure patients not only receive the right drug, but equally important, avoid the wrong drugs. At Caris R&D, we are distancing ourselves from the approach the industry has used for many years—diagnosing cancer based on individual markers. We understand that cancer is an extremely complex and diverse disease, and any approach to characterizing it must be equally sophisticated. We look at the disease as a whole, but also are developing blood-based approaches that serve as a snapshot of the body at that particular moment. We look at what is present in this moment and profile cancer in a way that is unique to each patient.”

Valeriy Domenyuk working in office with teamValeriy says that each individual creates their own career potential at Caris “The possibility of Career progression depends on the individual employee and the goals of that employee. At Caris, employees have the ability to work in a clinical lab with a wide variety of assays that are helping cancer patients’ everyday. Whereas Research and Development is focused on performing experiments and generating ideas to usher in the next generation of cancer diagnostic, prognostic, theranostic, and therapeutic technologies. The opportunity is there if you are creative, passionate, and are willing to learn and continue to grow.”